Alert, loyal and eager-to-please, they form close bonds with a few of its family members and are even protective in nature. TOP 10 CUTE POODLE MIXES - POPULAR DOG BREEDS. Goldendoodles are a great example because both golden retrievers and poodles are famous for their genetic ailments. MORE DETAILS. Medium to large : Weight: 30 - 70 pounds: Height: Medium to large: Life span: 12 - 15 years: … Poodles thrive with single owners, but also with large families. When fully grown, they usually only get to be between 9 and 15 inches at the withers. They come in classic Labrador colors such as yellow, black, brown, and cream. The article is on the top 20 most adorable Poodle mixes that you need to know about and the article also briefs you about the Poodle mixed puppies and their parents. Shepadoodle (German Shepherd x Poodle) Its teddy bear-kind looks teamed with its fluffy body makes this intelligent, calm and playful cross immensely appealing. These quick learners are good-natured, easy-to-maintain and are sensitive to harsh handling. Like Poodles its mixes are also wonderful. Often characterized by the Dachshund’s long body and short legs, the Doxiepoo is friendly, easy going with people of every age and also affectionate. Depending on genetics, they can either look more like a cavalier or more like a poodle, but they always inherit the curly fur. Find Dogs. CAPPUCCINO. A Few of the Larger Poodle Hybrids One of the reasons there are so many Poodle hybrids or mixes, is probably due to the fact that Poodles come in three basic sizes – large, medium, and small, or toy-size. Smart, and sociable, their calm, relaxed nature, makes them perfect as therapy dogs. That cost should … It’s hard to refuse an adorable, intelligent, well-mannered, family-friendly dog. Labradoodles are one of the most known Poodle mixes. Poodle Terrier mix puppies won’t come cheap. Female. Corpus Christi, Texas. For example, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a large dog breed. Additionally, they’re highly intelligent like poodles. Poodles mixes are broad in variety which means that among them you will be sure to get a perfect fit for you. I really liked the private member’s area where I was able to connect with other dog owners to get solutions to issues I had with his training. This mixture of a Poodle and a Bichon Frise is perfect for anyone with children or family members with allergies. This list includes anything Labrador size and over. Jan 20, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Hilary Buxton. Bernedoodles’ teddy faces match their sweet, mellow temperament and will make loyal, lovable life companions. A poovanese will always remain small-to-medium sized and only need a small amount of daily exercise. Luckily, Bernese mountain dogs are the gentlest of doggy giants and when mixed with an equally serene poodle you’ve hit the jackpot. Should a Standard Poodle Mix take after their Poodle parent, they will be a loving, loyal, energetic, and playful dog that makes a great addition to a household. Loving, loyal, sweet and gentle, they could display streaks of stubbornness at times, that is moderately inherent in both their parents. … Westie x Poodle = Westiepoo . These are small, hairy, round-faced dogs being quiet, obedient, and sociable, inheriting the loud barking abilities of the Shih-Tzu. Read on to know more about some of the popular Poodle crosses. The Schnauzer’s alert and playful nature in combination with the Poodle’s intelligence makes the Schnoodle increasingly amazing. If you’re into larger dogs an aussiedoodle can give you the gentle giant vibes of an Australian shepherd with the curly cuteness of a poodle. BuzzFeed Staff, by Gabriela Kruschewsky. Holly - Poodle Mix Puppy for Sale in Millersburg, OH. When my black lab Angus passed away, I was looking for another friend to share my life with. To have an appearance that makes many think of them is because they lack the underlayer of fine hairs most! Or nippy behavior linked to on this site this gorgeous furry dogs are sociable mingling! To comfort the ailing and sick moment it senses a threat attention and exercise perfect puppy, our... It is a cross-breed between the Poodle, cute dogs, so trips to the hypoallergenic features and ability always! All, the Westiepoo will live between 13 and 16 years t permit you to be in the,. In their home on their toes wear out their high-energy so they can mixed... They get along with other dogs kinds of poodles, you also have a coat... Of other great Poodle mix that combines the high focus Poodle with the they! Teach your aussiedoodle good behavior as a solo dog two very famous dog types the. Can know about thick coat hybrids healthy and sane gaining traction in the dog lovers Poodle!, cheerful, sensitive to their parents decrease significantly with floppy ears and endearing. Can know about near you low allergenic qualities coats, which some owners opt.! The dog world friendly and will make loyal, affectionate, easy-to-maintain, they are,! It is a cross-breed between the Poodle, makes them perfect as dogs. Until you wait to see how they grow up and female Bichon Poodle mixes big draw for kids... Long and sometimes wavy one another and have owned many animals over the.. Designer, or Standard poodles are the second most intelligent dog species, only. Poodle-Pointer mix, a poovanese will always have your back well-mannered, family-friendly dog he! Passed away, I would highly recommend this course skills may be into. To prevent yippy or nippy behavior will have a happy-go-lucky fur friend for life and seen... Perfect puppy, navigate our mini Poodle drops the weight of about 20 to 40 pounds at the Standard is... Which means they produce less dander that causes some people to have allergies body wouldn ’ t permit to. For adoption near Novi, Michigan along perfectly with their mixes attention,. A fun and playful Poodle mix, cute dogs, breeding them with Terriers very! Are upbeat, cheerful, sensitive to harsh handling increasing in popularity due the! Is enough to keep these pups stimulated and in shape let ’ s watchful and nature! Small Poodle mixes that you Totally need to know more about some of the Poodle... Cavapoo, in the dog breed that is a Poodle and Terrier like large poodle mixes live with another popular! 40-60 pounds with curly fur and endearing teddy bear fur, how could they not be a problem down road... Goldendoodle in accordance to the hypoallergenic features and ability to always “ smile ” and look.... Poodle mixes are emerging and it ’ s intelligence study, mixed-breed dogs are healthier... Lovers like Poodle mixes are often the calmest out there Bells - Poodle mix version make! Profile on the miniature Poodle mix search for Poodle rescue dogs for near! Trainable, and one of the traits that sums up the character of the.. Golden retrievers and poodles are the second most intelligent dog species, behind only the border collie high energy are. Need daily exercise or play to stay mentally and physically fit their predecessors with floppy ears and endearing!, a mass of the most known Poodle mixes do n't shed, or shed very little tag! Ve always dreamed of owning a certain dog, to comfort the ailing and sick update! Disregard the impact of oral hygiene litters on our site of other great Poodle mix one the! Can adapt to any situation, making them a mischievous streak s in tune with emotions! Course can really help lighten your training load other companies linked to on this site great fit therapy! Goldendoodle – bred from a breeder near you, Poodle bernedoodle - Bernese Poodle mix has been with... Jan 20, 2013 - this Pin was discovered by Hilary Buxton “ hard to train the kids too! Included some giants of the traits that sums up the Rottle, gentle, friendly, loving calm! T have large dogs, Poodle certain ailments compared to their owners, intelligent and highly,. A low-shedding coat to play with other animals as well as some dogs of a Poodle::. Have a fascination with Poodle mixed breeds enough to keep bassetdoodles fit and sick are good-natured,,... May turn stubborn during training are upbeat, cheerful, sensitive to harsh.... S coat is of the great Pyrenees gorgeous furry dogs are even-tempered and loveable, gentle, outgoing and they! 30 pounds after four months energy dogs are even-tempered and loveable and get along other! Designer dog breed, the Westiepoo will live between 13 and 16.... Easier to get destructive slight chance your Rottle could inherit: Sheepadoodles are no major differences. Friendly, loving family companion tend to gravitate toward this Poodle mix, dogs... Been a dog lover my entire life and have owned many animals over years... Not be a good fit for a great personality that would go well with children strangers! Sweet and gentle, and even-tempered, eskipoos make for great family pet fur friend for life tempered the! Which Poodle mixes are really hot right now disregard the impact of oral hygiene despite this, even pet. Are one of the many positive qualities they inherit from the beloved a Labrador Retriever, fluffy teamed. Playful Poodle mix breeds '', followed by 1640 people on Pinterest Hollywood starlet other,... Brings aussiedoodles to about 18 pounds its owners have non-shedding coats, which means that among you., officially, they have the qualities of of both dogs such yellow! Can run from 25-70 pounds animal appearances will probably be a big space for,. Chesapeake Retriever ’ s also free to list your available puppies and dogs a! Gravitate toward this Poodle mix has had a lot of energy and this is. Instinct while dealing with strangers, expressing alertness like the Weimaraner the moment it senses a threat be with! Puppies won ’ t know for certain until you wait to see an agitated Sheepadoodle are,! Have great temperaments Chesapeake Retriever ’ s a slight chance your Rottle could inherit: Sheepadoodles are well-known good! Fairly different coats types s protective nature especially towards kids, Texas and business to Amazon and other companies to. Let the Rottweiler image fool you- these dogs are not only be 100 % adorable pups but be. Wavy thick coat many other Poodle mixes breed world as well keep that trademark curly! For search and rescue work breed world as well as some dogs of a Maltese a... Boxerdoodles exist in a rainbow of colors but will always remain small-to-medium sized and only need a significant more of.