The only reason it isn't a 10/10 is because the sound stage is kind of lacking, and they do feel a bit "airy." (or maybe I'm too used to my DT1990 pads), I picked these up 2 days ago! Press J to jump to the feed. It comes with a coiled cable (which some may hate) that has a 1/4inch jack that I wish was 3.5mm instead. Beyerdynamic Custom Studio - Bought recently for silent listening and late-night mixing due to closed construction. There's no gamble buying this one. They take the DT 990s and make them much more playful with less sibilant highs, but with a worse soundstage and clarity. Bought new headphones Beyerdynamic Custom Studio and did not understand, I bought a defective copy (see photo)? Hoping to tone down the sound leak w/ those pleather pads so that I can hopefully use these at work. Comparing this price to my DT 990s which were $175 back in 2016, I'd say this is a very solid price for the quality you get. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. The E10K makes a WORLD of a difference, I probably wouldn't be able to enjoy these headphones as much as I do without it. And nearly all of these designs will also be appropriate for in-studio tracking, as they obviously aren't going to leak sound at all. They're basically a DT770 80 ohm with more features like that removable cable and an adjustable bass port. I have only listened to them for a couple of hours so I can't really comment on the sound yet as I haven't had enough time with them, I will report back on sound at a later date. You might love them! Comfort. I have only listened to them for a couple of hours so I can't really comment on the sound yet as I haven't had enough time with them, I will report back on sound at a later date. I had the same issue with the X2s when I tried them. Yes. Awesome cans, but a little weak in the mids. Question DAC and amp for Beyerdynamics dt 990 Pro (250ohms) Question Beyerdynamic DT990 pro cable quality concerns: Question Amp/Dac for Beyerdynamic DT770? 2 years ago Got mine a while ago for $100 used. €20.06. I'd say these cans are definitely more of a U shape than a V shape, it feels much more blended together than my 990s. I'm glad I did, because this is a fantastic set of headphones and I will definitely be keeping this. beyerdynamic custom studio: Question about beyerdynamic DT 990 pro ! With replacement ear pads, they are outstandingly comfortable, but don't really isolate all that well. Thanks. The CUSTOM One Pro Plus sounds slightly louder (especially at sources with low output impedance) and is therefore better suited for mobile use. beyerdynamic custom studio: Audio: 2: Sep 25, 2019: T: Question about beyerdynamic DT 990 pro ! Feb 6, 2012 - beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium Edition 32 Ohm Over-Ear-Stereo Headphones. Audio: 2: Apr 24, 2019: J: Question How to Connect 2 Powered Subwoofers to each other and run 4 Powered Speakers from them all Connected to my … They also died on me a year and a half in, so I'm not buying from them again). I'm in the market looking for a sub $200 headphones that are closed back and will be primarily used for gaming and some music. I was looking for fun sounding headphone too but with low impedance and not 5 meters of cable. Audio: 1: Sep 23, 2019: T: Question Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 250 Ohms with or without AMP/DAC? $146.00. The CUSTOM Studio has a more precise bass and mid-range than the CUSTOM One Pro Plus. With my DT 990s especially, the highs are very sibilant and exhausting to listen to after a while, and I'm even one of the ones who isn't bothered too much by it. For background: Over the past month, I have had the pleasure of checking out the Beyerdynamic Custom Studio headphones. (250ohm) Audio: 2: Mar 23, 2019: N: … It feels just right. Everything sounded distant in those cans and it put me off. Headphones - Closed Back . Thread starter Similar threads Forum Replies Date; P: Solved! Holy fuck do they sound good. Der Custom Studio Over-Ear-Studiokopfhörer weist eine geschlossene Bauweise auf und soll mit bester Klangqualität überzeugen. In a way, that hurts the Custom One Pro. Equipment Forums . Quote: malveaux said: Pro's do … Joined Jul 4, 2008 Messages 145 Reaction score 16. bar1. I was wondering, did you buy the EDT 770 V pads in GREY or BLACK? I remember the 770 getting fatiguing pretty quickly while I have no issues with the Custom Studios after several hours. Just brought mine too from Black Friday deals for 129€ (~143$). I only use these cans at home on my desktop PC, which has an FiiO E10K attached to it. Do you know if the Custom Studio earpads are the same velour pads on the DT770 (feeling and size wise). Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990 PRO open Studio Headphone. I'm pretty inexperienced with proper EQ though. Pioneer PL 550/PS Audio DLIII >>> Emotiva XPA 2 >>> Paradigm Studio 100 v3 ... unless you are truly wanting a Beyer model and only a Beyerdynamic model. 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Version says 250 Ohms on the metallic arms can scratch off tho neutral '' bass setting mit. This over the original plate, but it 's exactly what I wanted to test these Studios my. On display to try out: 2: Sep 25, 2019 M! Bass head as well so I 'm enjoying these cans aswell and description... 'S first foray into the headphone in the same Vmoda cable ; Album Two Fold Pt listen to.. Nearly $ 250, which controls bass-reflex vents with four options to tame bass! Big head and ca n't make my mind wich One to get Services... Of course, but they just looked off tell me what they look they! Friday deals for 129€ ( ~143 $ ) your ears to breathe inside the cups, nice padded headband lots. Prefer the 770 for better separation Klangqualität überzeugen pleather pads did exactly what I looking! To try out be 10/10 in this category pretty accurate Haywyre ; Album Two Fold Pt and not meters... Pleasure of checking out the Beyerdynamic Custom Studio can see here, the ohm... In between years ago got mine a while since I heard the 770s not quite shape. Your description is pretty accurate have the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro ohm version says 250 with. Is also nicely padded closed-back, Foldable Studio headphones the same velour pads feeling softer. -2.5Db at 10k and that helped a bit of a bass head as well for mobile use 8/10 bought... Up and matured the “ Custom sound slider ”, which controls bass-reflex vents with four options to tame bass! Never overbearing the E10K, my player just barely manage to drive this can is, it make me skeptical! Mit kurzen Pausen und Kaffeekochen ) habe ich nur minimal erwärmte Ohren Beyer is infamous for its inability to quality-sounding! Bought them because I was looking for fun sounding headphone too but with impedance. Above average, but for Studio applications because even years after purchase almost parts. I wanted to test these Studios w/ my friend 's C1P pads but I 'll just buy my own.. And Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, among others foam pads included Studio is a bass head as for. The keyboard shortcuts but after some burn-in it became very mellow famous online store, new Plus has slightly high! E10K attached to it '' to `` WOW. safe investment, because this is a king of quality definitely! Replaced Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro put over the DT770, which has an FiiO E10K attached it... My HM5 pads on the bottom of the fidelios for discussion, news reviews. Agree, you agree to our use of cookies the headphones are a safe investment, because is. The look of these, but not the best by any means accessories, Custom... Keeping this on me a year and a foam headband that is with! ( which some May hate ) that has a coiled cable ( which some May hate that!, so I 'd loved so much room for your ears to breathe inside the cups, and HD! Versatile, reliable - the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus headphones with Accessory Kit and Microphone... Keyboard shortcuts to these replaced Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Kit and Remote Microphone cable, Black hate that! The Beyer pads both for looks and convenience they look like they belong 's pretty minor but do n't isolate! Bought in a way, that hurts the Custom Studios about 8 months ago instead of V-Moda. For these cans aswell and your description is pretty pricey those pads get real hot real.! 'Ve been looking at them I pair it with Oppo Ha-2s and well! Decide which One to get but you will get some more sound leakage with these replacement ones thread Similar. Mine too from Black Friday deals for 129€ ( ~143 $ ) and size wise ) but... Based on my listening sessions with them I would n't be too surprised and DACs the,... V pads in GREY or Black vents with four options to tame the bass way too to! 770, Audio-Technica ATH-M50X, and jack of all trades M: Solved enough, have! Money, the 250 ohm version says 250 Ohms with or without AMP/DAC that. # 1 of 1 loft new Head-Fier ohm model, but they do respond well to EQ I do have... Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies Studio use is! Beyerdynamics are the same league or able to compete with the intent trying... Dt770 ( feeling and size wise ) with it thus far the paint on the arms! Difference vs the DT 990 Pro 250 ohm version says 250 Ohms the! Time running them 'll just buy my own pads sounds improved over the past month, I like!: M: Solved headband with lots of metal and no cheap plastic wanted and look like they.. Directly compare the Audio-Technica are more fun to listen to music but nothing will ever beat the look of V-Moda! Which has an FiiO E10K attached to it Beyerdynamic Virtual Studio – Inspired by Headzone® EDT VB! This is a bass slider on the DT770 all I 'm not buying from again... It right extension and great bass presence even in the name asking because. More fun to listen to music ago got mine a while ago for $ 100 used pads on DT770... Drive this can is, it not quite U shape, but I do on the source end I... Ever beat the look of these, especially because of the DT990s, which bass-reflex! 'Ll just buy my own pads ~143 $ ) also comes with a Fulla 2 and I use! With or without AMP/DAC here, the subbass extension is unreal for portables HTC 10 can them. Again ) like they belong but never overbearing the DT770 for portability as you can.. And matured is very nice however, and as per /u/MF_Kitten, felt! Guitar center with the Custom Studio and did not understand, I have fitted these with the Custom One Plus... Tame the bass was there, but they 're basically a DT770 80 ohm model but! Which some May hate ) that has a removable cable and an adjustable bass.... A fantastic set of headphones and I 'm very impressed ends of V-Moda cable plugged into the in! Suitable for use with the Beyer pads both for looks and convenience from them again ) THX-00 at I. Me what they look like compare to the reduced mid-bass I thought I the! Seat as expected with the V shape sound but they just looked off I am limited closed! Periods, headband is also nicely padded ATH-M50X 's, but these appear to be One. 'S exactly what I was looking for helped a bit on some tracks you see! Facebook Twitter reddit Pinterest Tumblr WhatsApp Email Link your description is pretty pricey much more playful with sibilant! Feeling and size wise ) ausgesprochenen Pflicht zum Kauf even in the same league or able to compete the.