In the last 15 years, the state has added capacities of 10200 megawatts (Mw) generated by thermal power plant, and by the end of 2013 the Egyptian power generation capacities reached 30000 Mw. Chart. Egypt is classified as having a “high power system size (24,700 MW installed generation capacity in 2010 with more than 40 grid-connected plants).” As of 2010, 99% of the Egyptian population has access to electricity. June 3, … Power generation deficit (6 GW needed annually through 2022) High energy intensity: 26KBTU /$ in line with large net oil exporters low reserve margin relative to peak demand (11.5%) Undiversified power generation mix Excessive reliance on thermal assets (90+% of installed capacity) further help ramp up renewable power generation in the coming years. These subsidies encourage the waste of energy and increase the fluctuation in demand, triggering a huge need of additional power generation capacity in Egypt. A glut in generation capacity caused the change in direction: Under current conditions, TAQA aims to install just 50-60 MW of capacity each year, a quantity which still might not be achievable given that Egypt has rapidly shifted from an electricity shortage to a 15-GW surplus, Osama says. Egyptian Electricity Holding Company. Electrical power. To power the country’s economic transformation, Siemens has successfully managed to boost Egypt’s power generation capacity by over 40 percent by connecting 14.4 gigawatts to the Egyptian national grid. The government’s latest targets call for 20% of Egypt’s power generation to be based on renewables by 2022, and 42% by 2035. where electricity generation, transmission and distribution activities are fully unbundled (the " ... 10,000 with a maximum of EGP 1000 for every MW of the authorized capacity. Renewable Energy Outlook: Egypt highlights the policy, regulatory, financial and capacity-building- Egypt is now resolutely setting the course for sustained development and economic growth. History "Share of installed capacity of electricity generation in Egypt in 2018, by generation type." It is likely to bridge the gap in energy by end-2015 as a result of cement plants switching from gas usage to coal, the commencement of imports of liquefied natural gas and the start-up of new power plants built under an emergency programme. The future of energy is intelligent With an estimated US$ 260 billion to be invested in the MENA region’s power sector by 2022, there are lucrative opportunities for industry stakeholders to increase renewable energy production, and invest in the long-term competitiveness and energy security. Electricity demand growth exceptionally high ( 6% p.a.) This dialectical paper Egypt aims to interconnect with regional and international electricity networks by 2020 [].The National Democratic Party Congress decreed in 2007 to implement a unified Arab electricity network, interconnect it with Arab-Maghreb countries and the European network across Mediterranean countries, and to invest in water resources in African countries for electricity generation []. in a shortfall in electricity generation capacity. Electricity prices in Egypt have been set significantly lower than the real economic cost of its production and supply.