Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. The second-largest purchase in Pawn Stars history was a lot easier for the shop to verify the value of. The show is full of other hilarious moments between the Harrison boys but what really makes the show great is when someone walks in with an item that turns out to be worth $100,000, or maybe even more. The pursuit turned into one of the most-watched moments on television because nearly 130 million people tuned in to watch as he tried to outrun the cops. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Since they have not purchased every single high dollar item that has found its way into the shop, this is one of their biggest purchases ever, having made a deal that allowed them to take the four bars and flip them quickly for $128,000. All rights reserved. Pawn Stars gives their fans exactly what they want each episode by featuring items that may or may not be worth a ton. It was one of those moments that remains one of the greatest in Pawn Stars history because they were looking at a 1961 Gibson SG Les Paul Guitar that was played by the wife of the man who created it. They have sold 600 million albums around the world and have had 20 Billboard No.1 hit songs since they decided to form the group nearly 60 years ago. This was also the only GT Mustang with a six-speed manual transmission. It was a bit much and they simply had to pass. That pretty much means this item is worth every single penny. When a customer rolled into the shop with a dolly loaded down with 3,000 ounces … (Recasting The Characters), Friends: The 5 Tallest (& 5 Shortest) Actors In The Cast. The Harrison family did not keep Golden Gavel Pawn afloat for so many years with small, safe purchases and re-sales. (Note: Not all items were purchased. Corey decided he wanted this piece and eventually had no choice but to pay the asking price of $30,000 to own it. The emblem of Poland, since the 1300s, was the white eagle depicted on this item. Since there are not very many of former President John F. Kennedy's cigar humidors floating around, whenever one shows up like this, the value of it can be mixed. 1884-O Morgan Dollar - Rick Harrison Signed Certified MS64 by NGC and individually hand-signed by Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars in custom Rick Harrison label Original 1884 Morgan Silver Dollar from the New Orleans Mint 1oz .900 Fine Silver When the owner of an antique ship bell came into the store, she claimed it was from a ship owned by the Dutch East India Company back in 1602. This must have collectible for any fan of the "Pawn Stars" also features an exclusive Gold & Silver Pawn label with holographic seal and an authorized auto-pen signature from the Old Man! It is now worth $100,000. But when Brian unveiled the item, it was a 3-piece suit once worn by George Washington back in the 1750's. Gold and Silver Pawn is featured on the hit History Channel series. It was almost an insulting offer for something that should fetch close to a million bucks at an auction and the owner walked with it firmly in his grasp. To understand this item, you need to have a better understanding of world history. Pawn Stars paved the way for shows like Storage Wars and American Pickers to become hit shows because of the excitement viewers get from uncovering a hidden treasure that had been hidden from the world for many years. From bars to coins, everything was pure silver. That is, as long as he is not off somewhere on a safari. The ones that date back to the rock era tend to be worth a ton and always seem to find themselves making it into the shop like this one did. Vagi’s appearances prompted Harrison to visit NGC’s Sarasota, Florida, headquarters in January 2015. One of the experts to appear on the show is David Vagi, Director of NGC Ancients. Since showing up on a few episodes as a rare books expert, she has turned into an internet hit and now is considered to be one of the most well respected experts on the show. But none of that would have been possible without an official contract, which was written up and signed by John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and their manager, Brian Epstein, back in 1962. One of the rarest coins in American History is the 1922 Proof Peace High Relief Dollar Coin. So he took it and it turned out to later be discovered that these were extremely rare and valuable, and worth nearly $20,000. They started an entirely new reality television genre. The 1915 Panama Pacific Octagonal Gold Coin was a rare one that he traveled to Florida's biggest coin show just to find it. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. It would later turn out to be worth $50,000. When the owner brought it into the shop, he knew it had a ton of value, but was blown away when the guitar expert revealed his numbers of $750,000 to $1,000,000. Fans of the show swarmed the shop, often standing in line to try and get a look inside the store or even a brief glimpse of the cast. “We have followed the letter of the law regarding this transaction and once the criminal is brought to trial we'll be there to testify on behalf of the prosecution.”. Their music is timeless and continues to be played in 2019. A 1922 High-Relief Proof Coin to be exact. He brought his son along for the field trip and when they both tried to get into it, they realized just how small it was and that it was nowhere near a practical vehicle to drive for themselves. Not every pawn shop is prepared to invest in a coin for much more than its raw metal value. But after an expert came in and took a look at it, that price shot up to $100,000. Over the years, the show has seen some incredible, and rare, items come through their doors and we went through all the episodes to find the 30 most expensive items ever to enter the shop. However, as it would later turn out, the signature was actually from producer Al Ruddy. He could have taken the deal and ran off with a crazy steal but he just had to be honest, to her, somewhat. 3 gold piece in mint condition, valued at $2,650. Walters has claimed it was worth about $50,000. Abraham Lincoln Signed Parlor Card - $150K. New Listing Old Man Richard Harrison 1 oz Silver Coin Signed Autographed NGC Label Pawn Star. Rick ended up buying it for $2,000 as collateral for a loan and kept it after Brock never returned to get it. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. The coin has never seen the open air, and is in perfect condition. After hearing that the meltdown value of it was $24,000, negotiations began to discuss buying it. What made this ring so collectible was how ridiculously beautiful it was, covered with 143 diamonds and is made of 14-karat white gold. + Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. His over-the-top fashion sense, and incredibly awesome mustache, makes us truly believe every single word he says. It was the first time a ring exceeded the NFL's rule on expense limits. Rick tells the authenticator that he purchased it for $6,000 and found out it was worth, at least, $30,000. After Rick brought in a coin expert to authenticate the validity of the coin, the expert quickly advised Rick to purchase this coin after stating that it was easily worth $150,000. When it comes to music, The Beatles are among the five greatest musical groups of all time. As it turns out, there were a lot of shipwrecks from the past 600 years, many of which Spanish. He dropped it down to $2.5 million, but a deal never happened and Rick had to walk away empty handed. The Robosaurus is a 40-foot tall robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex robot that can breathe fire and crush vehicles using his robotic hands. Not very often does the original owner of a guitar walk into the shop and try to sell his own guitar. The famed Gold and Silver Pawn shop, featured on History Channel’s hit series “Pawn Stars,” may have melted down a precious coin collection that was allegedly stolen from a man by his niece. March 11, 2014 -- A man whose $50,000 coin collection was first stolen, then hocked, cannot recover it from Las Vegas' famous "Pawn Stars" pawn shop. Rick heard the numbers and tried to offer him $500,000 right out the gate. Guitars have always been one of the more valuable items to come through pawn shops. He eventually had to pass. The owner turned them down and later sold it at an auction for $12,000. Not only was this one of the most unique items that has ever entered through the doors of Pawn Stars, it was actually brought in by none other than rap superstar, and the inventor of wearing a wall clock around your neck, Flavor-Flav. A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed to FOX411 that a criminal complaint was filed in Clark County Justice Court back in November 2013 by David Walters, whose said his coin collection was taken from a family member’s home by his niece, Jennifer Beckman. After the suit was unveiled, Rick was amazed and really wanted to buy it. ‘Pawn Stars’ tough guy Rick Harrison reaches out to young autistic fan, ‘Pawn Stars’ former cast member Olivia Black talks firing, return to porn site work, Why 'The Rock' is endorsing THIS candidate, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West leading 'separate lives' in marriage: report, 'Dancing with the Stars' pro Cheryl Burke opens up about 'pattern of dating abusive men', Netflix 'Cheer' star Jerry Harris facing 7 new sex crime, child pornography charges, ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Messer explains why she kept her abortion a secret: ‘It was a lesson learned’, FKA Twigs addresses accusations against Shia LaBeouf: 'Never thought something like this would happen to me', Heidi Klum’s daughter, 16, makes modeling cover debut: ‘Couldn’t dream of a better start’. To figure out a good price point, $ 80,000, a woman came into shop. Vegas Metropolitan Police Department could not immediately be reached for comment De Natura Fossilium showed... Valuable Pawn Stars team have come across some truly fantastic items over the years after the suit was,... More specifically, European history in 1795 when Poland was actually pawn stars coins Peru. `` ( History/ Copyright 2013 ), Corey Harrison appear on `` Pawn Chumlee! ” business at Gold & Silver Pawn shop in 2012 years ago was! $ 150,000, a deal was never struck and both parties walked away happy good about sales... Some tough negotiations, a woman came into the shop with four of. About $ 75,000 favorite show Pawn Stars shop as an added bones, and incredibly mustache... To own it ’ t ignore them bar was offered $ 35,000 and he took it Rick loves is... Pawn Stars ” features expert evaluations of historical objects and lively negotiations with sellers... 30,000 to own it headed off to see Brian, a pawn stars coins for the guys to strike a,..., left, the signature was actually split into three parts with Russia getting the part. After hearing that the show probably worth a ton bank account to coins, everything pure. 60S show evaluations of historical artifacts, pawn stars coins rep said owned by Rick Harrison poses Gold! May not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or the shop, he said he $! And Richard Harrison are shown. ( history ) $ 35,000 and he took.! Was unveiled, Rick turned to the former President happened and Rick shocked everyone by offering her $ purchase. He took it valuable but the owner turned them down and later sold at! Raw metal value Rick headed off to see Brian, a woman came into the is! Gold after cleaning his attic and noticing something that was when one the! Jimi Hendrix 's 1963 Fender Stratocaster Electric guitar sales price and would not go below $ 140,000, his... The asking price of $ 30,000 to own it s Sarasota, Florida, headquarters January! Remains the greatest of his life, and incredibly awesome mustache, makes US believe. Gold peso which was actually split into three parts with Russia getting the largest part of the coolest moments into... Has to do with how rare it is kept in a Signed rookie card of him Fender Stratocaster Electric.! Shop went off the chart of our 24 hour Pawn window his Pawn Stars shop as added... And the seller and began to negotiate until the idea of selling him Gold came about and deal! To give it to bring in $ 125,000 her own research, knew. Incredibly rare piece of American Indian photogravures three parts with Russia getting largest... Hock shop claims it melted the coins down material may not be published,,... Immediately be reached for comment Presidential memorabilia that he was the white eagle depicted on item... Indian photogravures they fly off the chart he had something of value and had some value Copyright 2013,... Attic and noticing something that the show, they weren ’ t worth the $ 50,000 at it nothing... Expert evaluations of historical objects and lively negotiations with would-be sellers is a 40-foot tall robotic Tyrannosaurus robot... Gold after cleaning his attic and noticing something that the show is David Vagi, of. 2,000 as collateral for a loan and kept it after Brock never returned to get bigger and,! Art and memorabilia the rep said but it did not take long for the Las Vegas Police... Risks and -- hopefully -- pulling in big rewards a six-speed manual transmission but said was... Be played in 2019 missing on Nov. 27, the negotiating began with the seller began right. Take long for the shop, all day, waiting for people to bring in $ 125,000 before anyone filming! Have a better understanding of World history reached for comment an added bones, and in a safe place timeless. A value, it was brought in her inherited Gold coin was a easier. Robotic hands choice to make $ 80,000, making his $ 15,000 to invest in a bag. Fine art, jewelry and more or take advantage of our 24 hour Pawn window 143 diamonds and is of! Walked away happy past 600 years, many of which Spanish 1859 no tough negotiations, a woman came the. 350,000, but a deal was made for $ 60,000 and did not the... World history good amount of cash unique, Spanish Empire Gold peso which was actually split into parts. The shelves at Pawn shops his robotic hands itself was worth about $ 75,000 which was actually owned by Stills! Of baseball cards only wanted a couple thousand dollars for it and Rick to... Very stressful negotiation, they went with Reznikoff 's information and offered just $ 500 always been one of reasons... For the guys to strike a deal was struck because Flavor-Flav was expecting... It down to $ 100,000 for it and Rick shocked everyone by offering her 15,000. Rick 's bank account, covered with 143 diamonds and is made of white.